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up Parent Directory 05-Jun-2017 15:50 - unknown ADVERT FOR ANNUAL TENDERS 2017-18.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 868k unknown AIR TICKETING 25.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 492k unknown BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING 41.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 492k unknown BUILDING MATERIALS 16.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 496k unknown CALLING CARDS 7.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 488k unknown CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING 28.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 448k unknown CATERING SERVICES 19.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 492k unknown CLEANING SERVICES 23.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 492k unknown CONSULTANCY SERVICES ICT 35.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 528k unknown COURIER SERVICES 21.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 452k unknown DRILLING AND EQUIPING OF BOHOLES 39.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 456k unknown ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 12.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:49 452k unknown ENVIRONMENTAL AND BASELINE SURVEY 30.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 452k unknown EXTERNAL AUDIT AND ADVISORY SERVICES 36.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown FEASIBILITY STUDIES 29.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown FIRE EQUIPMENT 10.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown FUEL, OIL AND LUBRICANTS 4.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown GARAGE REPAIR 27.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 496k unknown INDIVIDUAL LICENCED QUALIFIED CONSULTANTS PROFESSIONAL.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 496k unknown INSURANCE SERVICES 33.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS 18.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown LEGAL SERVICES 22.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown MONITORING AND EVALUATION,PERFORMANCE AUDIT.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown MOTOR VEHICLES SPARE PARTS 9.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 484k unknown OFFICE FURNITURE 3.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 484k unknown PHOTOCOPIER AND FAX 2.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown PLANTS AND MACHINERY MAINTAINANCE 40.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 484k unknown PLASTIC WATER TANKS 14.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown PRINTING OF CALENDARS 13.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS 8.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown PUBLICITY,PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO COVERAGE- 20.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown REPAIR AND SERVICING COMPUTERS 24.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown SANITARY DISPOSAL SERVICES-32.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown SECURITY SERVICES 37.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 496k unknown SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF G.I PIPES 5.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OFFICE AND COMPUTER STATIONERY 1.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF TELECOMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown SUPPORT ORGANISATION TO CBOs -34.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown TESTING,INSTALLING OF WATER PUMPS.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 488k unknown TRANSPORT SERVICES 26.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 492k unknown TYRES AND TUBES 6.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:50 496k unknown UNIFORMS SERVICES 11.pdf 05-Jun-2017 15:51 488k

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