Monday, 29 May 2017

Our Water service Providers

TAWSB has twenty 15 Water Service Providers (WSPs). These are: Kitui Water and Sanitation Company, Kiambere-Mwingi Water and Sanitation Company, Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company, Machakos Water and Sewerage Company, Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company, Olkejuado Water and Sewerage Company, Nolturesh-Loitokitok Water and Sewerage Company, Yatta Water and Sewerage Company, Mwala Water and Sanitation company, Wote Water and Sewerage Company, Matungulu-Kangundo  Water and Sewerage Company, Namanga Community Water Trust............(please mention the other three....).

Most of the fifteen (15) WSPs are neither financially sustainable nor do they have adequate resources for effective coverage and have therefore to rely on the Board and GOK for survival.  Currently, only 4 out of the 15 WSPs are financially sustainable, with the rest progressively moving towards financial sustainability. Their management structures, processes and systems are weak. The Water Service Providers have attempted to cover the un-served areas but for them to be viable, the Board will have to upscale investments required to either rehabilitate or expand water and sewerage supply schemes.

The WSPs aim for improvement in Service delivery and revenue collection. However, they face the challenge of developing the capacity of their staff to take on a new corporate and commercial approach to water and sanitation services. The Board plans to deal with this situation by clustering them to ensure efficient and effective management for service delivery. Clustering is a preferred option as it will result in improvements in water quality, increase in water production and water availability, reduction of unaccounted for water (UFW), extension of service provision to low-income areas, improvement of customer service and cost reduction. Further, clustering will lay the foundation for the increase in access of the urban poor to sustainable systems, adequate service usinglow cost technology and cross subsidization.

The Board is progressively working towards signing SPAs with everyone by the end of the financial year.