Welcome to Tanathi water services Board

Bernard Mulwa

Bernard Mulwa is a member of TAWSB Board of directors representing the PS ministry of water and irrigation.He holds Post Graduate Diploma: Watershed Management: Uppsala University- Scandia Consult

Natura AB/Sida, Sweden: 2002. He also holds a Master of Science: Environmental Science and Technology,  I.H.E- Delft, Netherlands: 1993 Master of Science          : Applied Technology : University of Rajasthan, India: 1985


Bachelor of Science       :  University of Nairobi :1983


  • Certificate: Dam Construction and Rain Water Harvesting, Gansu Research Institute for Water Conservancy, China.  2013
  • Certificate: Public Private Partnership, USAID 2014
  • Certificate Strategic Leadership Development, Kenya Institute of Administration,  2012
  • Certificate : Human Rights Base Approach and Its Practical Implementation, Commissioner For Human Rights 2011
  • Certificate: Gender Mainstreaming Action Plan Development, World Bank 2010
  • Certificate: Flood Based Farming as Part of River Basin Water Management UNESCO-I.H.E, University of Haramaya, Ethiopia: 2010
  • Certificate: Information Technology, Institute of Information Technology Studies and Research, 2009
  • Certificate: Senior Management (2009) Kenya Institute of Management (KIA), Kenya
  • Certificate: Project Formulation and Feasibility Studies Analysis: ESAMI, Arusha, 2007
  • Certificate: Water Services, Reaching the poor in peri-urban areas in Sub-Saharan Africa : UNESCO-I.H.E, University of Lusaka, Zambia; 2007
  • Certificate: Organisational Capacity Building: MS Training Centre, Arusha Tanzania: 2005
  • Certificate:Modelling for Water & Environmental ResourceManagement : I.H.E- Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique: 2004
  • Certificate:Policy Advocacy Course: MS Training Centre, Arusha, Tanzania: 2003
  • Certificate: Sewerage Technology and Water Resources Management Government Training Institute, Mombasa, 1993
  • Certificate: District Focus Training: Matuga Development Institute: 1988

Rep. PS State Department of Water, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Director Bernard Mutinda Mulwa was born on 3rd April 1960.

1986  - Employed in Ministry of Water Resources and posted to Coast Province –Mombasa (HQS). Monitoring the activities of districts on operation and maintenance of water schemes in Coast Province.

  • Coordination of operation and maintenance with urban authorities/towns/ water supplies and sewerage treatment facilities in the Province.
  • Preparation of periodic water supply and sanitation maintenance reports

1998 – 2001 Assistant Director: Attached to Water Resources Assessment and Planning Project (WRAP) in Maji House. Inventory of water resources in the project areas,

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the completed water  projects
  • Trans boundary water quality assessment
  • Exchange of information within the component on key trans boundary parameters
  • Preparation of baseline  and periodic reports

2002 – 2009   Deputy Coordinator

Attached to Kenya-Sweden Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme –Maji House.

  • Development of sustainable, safe and affordable rural water supplies and sanitation facilities managed by communities with special focus on the poor, women and other disadvantaged groups
  • Institutional supporting rural water supply and sanitation operating effectively and efficiently and in a demand responsive manner
  • Increased access to safe and sustainable water supply and environmental protection in rural communities within the catchment areas

2010 to Date  Deputy Director Water services

Department- Maji House.

  • Monitoring implementation of flagship projects for Vision 2030 being undertaken by Water Services Boards
  • Focal point officer for East Africa Community (EAC) and Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) and guides in the implementation of development programs for in the Lake Victoria Basin, formulate rules and regulations on financial matters, provide overall policy directions for the implementation of projects and programs, Adopt annual progress reports.
  • Monitoring  implementation of UNICEF –WASH projects  undertaken by Water Services Boards
  • Participation in Policy formulation for Slum Upgrading in State Department of Housing
  • Sector Working Group (SWG) member for United Nation Development Assistance Frame Work in Kenya (UNDAF) in Strategic Result Area 4 (SRAs4) with responsibilities to contribute to transformation of live hoods within the context of Vision 2030, provide strategic direction to ensure alignment with National priorities as defined in Vision 2030, the MTP 11 an Ministries, Departments and (MDAs) Strategic Plans.
  • Coordination of Non-Government Agencies activities in water sector
  • Any other duties that may be allocated