Welcome to Tanathi Water Works Development Agency

Annastacia Wayua Victor is a member of TAWSB Board of Directors.She is a holder of a Bachelor of Development Studies Degree majoring in Environmental Studies - December 2016 AT MANAGEMENT UNIVERSITY

OF AFRICA.She also holds a Diploma in Environmental Studies - KENYA POLYTECHNIC (1989-1991) Director Annastacia Wayua Victor was born on 23rd November 1969.


1997 - Current: Ngelani Agro chemicals outlets


  • Overseeing day to day running and operations of the three outlets
  • Ordering for supplies
  • Record keeping on stocks and stocking levels
  • Simple book keeping on financial records
  • Managing a team of nine employees
  • Keeping a breast with latest market treads and newest products


World Neighbors - a Community based Non-Governmental Organization

Mobilization officer

  • sensitizing communities on agro forestry through open public forums
  • Mobilization of communities in the wider Ukambani area using primary schools as entry points
  • Holding actual Demonstrations on how to plant trees and conserve the environment through Agro forestry


Valid class BCE Driving license