Welcome to Tanathi Water Works Development Agency

Tanathi Water Works Development Agency K.I.D.P Building, Along Kalawa Road Kitui - Main Block

Tanathi Water Services Board K.I.D.P Building, Along Kalawa Road Kitui - Block C

Tanathi Water Services Board K.I.D.P Building, Along Kalawa Road Kitui

Masinga Dam Water In-take

Complete section of yatta canal

Launch of Yatta Canal Rehabilitation Works by Deputy President William Ruto

ILMARBA ESEKI borehole. A complete project funded by World Bank through Tanathi Water services Board

Kitui sewerage pods - Kitui Water and sewerage project

....................Developing Water and Sewerage Infrustructure....................


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Mandate of TAWWDA
In terms of section 68 of the water act 2016, the powers and functions of the water works development agency shall be to;

Undertake the development, maintenance and management of the national public water works within its area of jurisdiction;

Operate the waterworks and provide water services as a water service provider, until such a time as responsibility for the operation and management of the water works are handed over to a county government, joint committee, authority of county governments or water services provider within whose area of jurisdiction or supply the waterworks is located;

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  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase bulk water and sewerage coverage
  • Improve corporate image
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Improve Delivery of Bulk Water and Sewerage infrastructure
  • Improve Compliance
  • Improve work environment
  • Improve use of Technology
  • Improve skill and knowledge


Frequently asked questions

Where are TAWWDA offices?

TAWWDA Offices are in Kitui town on KIDP building Kalawa Road

Who finances TAWWDA?

TAWWDA is a parastatal under the ministry of water and irrigation.We get funding from GOK


TAWWDA Ag. C.E.O is called Fredrick Tito Mwamati (P.Eng.Tech)

Do you dig boreholes for people

We dont dig boreholes for individuals but we do so for communities in a very clear and structured methodology.However you can get more detail and information by presenting your case in TAWSB offices

Whats your role in water companies

TAWSB licences and regulates WSP for provision of water. Water has to be safe and clean